Communication With the Dead

QUESTION: You say people can see and interact with those who have died before us as they, themselves, lay dying. How about if a person is not dying, can they see and interact with those who have died?

I have no proof, only a belief or idea about whether those who have left us can communicate with us from "the other side".

First, I think it is easy for a person who is dying to see those who have already died because the veil that separates the two dimensions thins as we prepare to cross over. The dying person has one foot in each world, so to speak, so sees and interacts in both.

For those of us who are not dying that veil is thicker (It would be harder to concentrate on the challenges of this life of illusion if we could see and understand the reality of the other dimension). Because the veil is thicker it is harder for us to interact and "see" into it. There are some people who can but most are pretenders.

Occasionally we get a glimpse or feel of someone who has died but it is really in their best interest if we gently tell them to go to the Light. Their work is finished on this planet and it is better they go about their new work.

I do believe we have guidance from the other dimension: that soft “little voice” in our head that often leads our way; that sense that Mom or Dad is watching over us and keeping us out of harm’s way; that “feeling” to stop for no reason and then a car whisks by; that innate knowledge that we are being watched over. Well, who is to say it is not a loved one who has died before us? Certainly not me.

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