Why I Became an Expert Contributor for Help Texts

A few months ago I was asked to join the Help Texts Expert Contributor Team. Help Texts are for caregivers. Both professional and family caregivers receive personalized, practical, deeply empathetic tips and resources to help them know what to expect as they care for their loved one at end-of-life. Each text is carefully curated and delivered to the phones of caregivers during the stressful, difficult weeks and months after a terminal diagnosis.

The creator of Help Texts, Emma Payne, asked me to join her on Diane Hullet’s fabulous podcast Best Life Best Death to talk about the launch of this important caregiver resource. Aside from having a great conversation with these two special women we talked about how Help Texts came to be, why I joined the team and how it helps to support grievers and caregivers. The concept is so applicable to how we live in today’s tech environment. Just a touchstone through a text says someone is thinking about you and gives a snippet of guidance as we go about our busy or not so busy day. I am pleased to be one of the sources for the many texts that will be sent.  

To receive Help Texts or gift them to someone who needs them, use this link to get your 10% discount code for signing up.    Help Texts Sign up


If you'd like to learn more, check out the interview below I did with Diane for the Best Life Best Death podcast.

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