Connection Moment with Barbara Karnes, RN

Episode 3 

The Heart of Hospice welcomes hospice icon Barbara Karnes back to share her message of encouragement and hope with hospice professionals all over the world.  
Her warmth and compassion are evident.  Barbara reminds us that the current situation calls for us to think outside the box to care for seriously ill and dying patients.  It’s ok to admit that we’re all learning as we go, even as we strive to provide for the needs for those in our care. 
Being open will help hospice caregivers to connect with patients, and provide reassurance.  Communication is key in this season of physical and social distancing.  Barbara also reinforces what we already know about self care – we must care for ourselves to be successful in the work we do. Finding meaningful rituals and accountability relationships will help you cope with the stress of each day. 

You can find Barbara’s blog and her books at  Follow her on Facebook to stay connected to her on social media.  

It’s an honor for The Heart of Hospice to partner with Barbara.  She is The Heart of Hospice!

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