Mourning Dove Medical Dr. G at the Heart of Healthcare

Mourning Dove Medical Presents Dr. G at the Heart of Healthcare Mission-Educate & Empower in three parts, helping listeners ‘SEE’ what’s needed to navigate the healthcare system.

1. Story - Dr. G found her copy of the “Gone From My Sight” booklet inside of her “Being Mortal” book, but didn’t realize who wrote it until recently. On 08/18/2023 Barbara posted “The medical profession will not be able to cure or ‘fix’ everyone” Dr. G invited her to discuss this topic. Mr. Karnes died the week of originally planned discussion about the physician’s role in fixing our healthcare system, as it affects people during the end of life.

2. Educate -Teaching points for Physicians: Take care of the PERSON who has the disease; Touch personhood of the patient by not getting caught up with ‘medicalese’ make sure they understand what you are saying; connect to personhood, touch, eye contact; Documentation/the computer: get somebody else to do it! 😅

3. Empower -Valuable resources from Barbara Karnes, RN

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