Creating a Sacred Space at the Moment of Death with Barbara Karnes, RN

My favorite guest Barbara Karnes, RN is back for another episode where we talk about issues in hospice care. Barbara is an internationally recognized speaker and expert on end-of-life care. She is author of the popular booklet Gone from My Sight and By Your Side: A Guide for Caring for the Dying at Home, among others. Today Barbara shares some fantastic tips for how to help a family create a sacred space for the moment of their loved one’s death and just after. We discuss what hospice providers, death doulas, or family members can do to enhance meaning and reverence as the last breath is taken. These simple reminders are important to make sure that we don’t overlook this brief moment-in-time that is filled with so much significance and grace. Learn more about Barbara’s work at her website:

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Eva Harrison Hart

“Gone from my sight” was an invaluable help when my husband was in hospice this past summer. Helped me understand & appreciate the moments we had left together.
BK Books replied:
Eva, I am pleased my materials were of help and guidance to you during the time your husband approached the end of his life. Blessings! Barbara

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