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Zoom Book - The Final Act Of Living: Reflections Of A Long-Time Hospice Nurse

The Final Act of Living: Reflections of a Long-Time Hospice Nurse

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In this full length book, Barbara Karnes shares her insights and experiences gathered over decades of working with people during their final act of living. For both professionals and lay people, this book weaves personal stories with practical care guidelines, including: living with a life threatening illness, signs of the dying process, the stages of grief, living wills, and other end of life issues. 

The Final Act of Living: Reflections of a Long-Time Hospice Nurse is an end of life book; a resource that reads like a novel, yet has the content of a textbook.

Barbara wrote this book following years of being a hospice nurse at the bedside of hundreds of people in the months to moments before death. From the stories and experiences she shares, you will see that death doesn't just happen, there is an unfolding; there is a process to dying. 

The Final Act of Living is used as:

*A resource on end of life for palliative care nurses
*A training handbook for hospice nurses and volunteers
*A reference book for anyone working with end of life issues:
    Lay ministers, social workers, counselors, nurses, chaplains
*An easy read for anyone interested in dying and grief
*A text book in college and university classes,
    CNA training, social work and LPN/RN classes

This material may be described as an “end of life book” however, as the title states, its content and philosophy is all about The Final Act of Living.

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Mary K.
United States United States
I like them all.

I ordered a copy of each of Barbara Karnes' books. I find them all to be beautifully written and easy to understand. What an invaluable gift she has made in bringing such helpful information to readers in compassionate, bite-size pieces. Thank you!

Terry D.
United States United States
Learning how to die and live at the same time

I i have a 94 yr old mother who was placed in hospice care a month ago. I was diagnosed with MDS (Mylodisplasticsyndrome) over a year ago. I have read all of the smaller booklets that I ordered and am half way through "The Final Act of Living". I have learned what to expect when my mother passes and when I die as well as how to enrich the time that I have left by trying to live in the present. I am more at peace with the understanding that leaving my physical body is something we all must do and is part of the living process.

Rose M.
United States United States
The Final Act of Living

Paid for, but not recived

BK Books

I see that it has been delivered now. I'm so sorry for the delay. I know our materials can be time sensitive. There have been delays with USPS in some cities due to Covid. You can always call us at 360-828-7132 for any questions or updates on your order status.

RoseMary R.
United States United States
A gift given over and over.

I have been to a couple of your seminars, have read the book through twice when my husband got sick and have given away many to friends when the time was just right. I now have terminal cancer and bought these 5 books to give to my children and 2 best friends. I am not quite ready to give them yet but will in the near future.

Patricia S.
United States United States

I found the book a very easy interesting read,I am typically not a reader but this book certainly kept my interest.i have several,of BK’s literature and find my self reading and rereading everyone! They are very comforting at a difficult time.Thank you Patricia

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