June 16 2014
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Barbara Karnes, RN
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What is a Hospice House?


barbara - August 02 2020

Hi Kristina, Good for you for wanting to start a Hospice House. It is a much better alternative to being in a nursing home—although, have you thought about a partnership of having hospice beds in a wing of a nursing home and working in conjunction with the administration to be a hospice house. That way you bypass the need for running a building. You train staff to work only in your hospice wing and create your own “Hospice House”.
For details on creating a free standing or any hospice in patient contact NHPCO or AAHPM. I am sure they have details and guidelines that can help. Blessings! Barbara

Kristina M Snell - August 02 2020

I live in a rural area where this is needed so badly. I have been in hospice care for 8 yrs and I have been researching starting a hospice house. We have 3 local nursing homes and it saddens me how they care for the patient and family. Is there anyway you can help me or point me in the right direction

Teresa - April 26 2019

I am an RN new to hospice but have already seen the need for this. I am just starting my research process to see if I can make this happen in my community, rural Louisiana. Thank you for the insight.

PS. Love your books. ❤️

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