May 19 2020
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Barbara Karnes, RN
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What Does Death Look Like?

What Does Death Look Like?


Judith P, LaVorgna - May 22 2020

Gone From My Sight is the most wonderful and resourceful books for friends or members of the family when someone is moving on. Thank you for this well worn gift of the heart. I turn to it for my own and for friends in our hours of loss.

Olivia Bareham - May 21 2020

Hi Barbara! I just love the offerings you continue to provide, so loving, so simple – Bless you! I offer your booklets to many of my clients. In this piece, I must add that very often the eyes DO stay closed after death. As a death midwife I have attended hundreds of home funerals and watched the body closely for a period of 3 days and although true, sometimes the eyes do open slightly, very often they do not. So not just in the movies!
Much love,
Sacred Crossings

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