September 24 2013
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Barbara Karnes, RN
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The Emptiness of Grief


barbara karnes - September 11 2017

Chris, I read your comment about the emptiness you are feeling. Your father’s death two months ago is still like an open wound, a gaping, ragged, horribly painful wound. This wound will gradually heal but the scar of that wound will always be there. Time is the only thing that heals the wound. You don’t recover, you don’t really heal (even though I just used the word) from grief, you learn how to live with it. Time fills in the space between the pain. This will get better. The challenge here is to live and love inspite of the loneliness.
My blessings are with you. Barbara

Chris Fenton - September 09 2017

My dad died suddenly two months ago at the age of 59. As an adult he became more like a close friend than a father and always put me and my two younger brothers first before his own needs. If I had issues with my wife or kids he would be the first port of call for advice. If I watched a great movie or tv show I would be on the phone talking to him about it. But now there is nobody on the other end of the line. My mentor is gone and now I need to move on without him but this is difficult. Things that I used to enjoy I don’t and a rarely look forward to events these days. I just feel hollow. Empty. I’ve experienced anxiety and depression in my past but this feels a lot different. I can still function, eat and sleep but I just feel like I’m going through the motions, like I’m on auto pilot or something. I’m assuming this is grief and things will get better but boy it sucks right now…

Barbara Karnes - August 03 2017

Pennu, I noticed your comments. As the article says "Emptiness is a normal, natural part of the grieving process. I also acknowledge the hollowness of words from others to “make it better.” I am sorry for your losses. Sometimes life is very, very difficult. Blessings to you. Barbara

Pennu - August 02 2017

I feel so much emptiness since my father died. I also lost my husband and my mother in the past 4 years

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