Seeing the Dead

QUESTION: Please write about when a person is approaching death and they see or ask about people who have already died.

In the weeks before death from disease a person will often see and talk with people they know who have died before them. This is very common.

What do I think about this phenomenon? I could spend weeks telling you stories from my personal experiences with dying people that have left no doubt in my mind about loved ones coming to help us get from this world to the next. I know I walk a thin line here by saying this, but it is what it is.

In the weeks before death a person is sleeping more than they are awake. This reality, this “real” world, is no longer their point of being. The dream world is where they are spending their time, that is their reality now. I don’t know detailed workings of the brain or the subconscious mind but I do believe it is capable of more than we understand. Why can’t people who have died before us, that we know and have a relationship with, that we miss and want to see again, be in our reality? I think they can be. I am sure there are clearer, more scientific explanations to what I have seen so many times but suffice to say I am comfortable in believing there is more to life than the physical realm. There are other dimensions than those we are aware of. As death approaches the veil that divides this physical reality from other dimensions thins and it appears that we temporarily reside in all worlds at once. Perhaps this is how we see those we care about who have gone before us.

From the bedside of the dying I have witnessed children talk to and interact with dead parents, adults thrilled to see the child who died in infancy, the son talking to dead parents, and my own mother describing the “angels” that were moving closer to her bed each day. I can’t explain it, but I’ve seen it, so I believe it.

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