Question: Is the process of dying different in the elderly?

Write something to the living who are young and dying. Signs of what are to come ect...

I put these two questions together even though they came from different sources because the answers relate to each other.

First, there is no difference for a young person dying from disease and an elderly person dying from disease. People dying from disease whether old or young go through the same process. An elderly person with no disease actually goes through the same dying process as someone with a disease only it takes the healthy, elderly person longer--years instead of months, months instead of weeks. When it comes down to days, hours and minutes, we all die in the same time frame.

As for the “signs of what is to come” for someone who is young and dying, those signs are also the same for everyone, young and old. People dying from disease or old age, even animals, go through the same process and experience the same challenges. Some people and animals will show all the signs of approaching death, some will show none, but most people and animals will be affected in the following three areas: eating will decrease over a period of several months, sleeping will increase over those same months, and they withdraw from outside interests and become focused inward.

A gradual death, versus a fast death (caused by a heart attack, accident, or suicide), has a normal, natural process to it. It also presents us with the gift of time to do and say those things that are important to us. No matter our age, when we are presented with an unfixable health condition and the idea that we are going to live forever is taken away, more than ever we need to concentrate on living. Our gift is in the knowledge that the present is where truth lies, only the present is real (the past is a memory, the future an idea). We need to live in the present, to make each day worth trading for a day of our life. Isn’t that how everybody, healthy or unhealthy, needs to be living?

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