QUESTION: How do you help a family?

QUESTION: “How do you help a family go through the dying process?”.
Because we don’t have accurate role models on what happens when a
person is dying, we generally approach the experience with fear and uncertainty.

*Knowledge is such power! By explaining that there is a normal, natural process to dying a gradual death and outlining the signs of approaching death, fear is lessened.

*Support and presence. The person who is doing the care giving needs help and respite time. Caring for someone at the end of their life is a 24/7 job physically. Add the emotional component of not knowing what to expect or when death will actually occur to the weight of a heart that is already grieving the loss of a life and you have a caregiver that needs reassurance and hands on help.

*Recommend Hospice services. Hospice offers knowledge, support and physical care.

*The booklets “Gone From My Sight” and “The Eleventh Hour” will guide a family through the dying process.

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