Medicare Recovery Act

Question: I am caregiving for my 84 year old stroke victim Dad. Just recently he has been pawing at the air with his hands in his sleep. He only took 5 spoons of dinner tonight. For a few weeks now he has been breathing open mouthed during sleep. He can no longer walk from weakness and if we sit him in a chair he just leans forward with his head down. He can only hold his head up to glance up then down it falls again.
I am thinking that his end is nearing but he wants to give his house to his younger and only niece. When Dad was able to make EOL arrangements he put the house in a trust to her. Somewhere along the way, someone told my Dad that if he used Medicaid & Medicare ( He also has Tricare) that there would be a recovery process and his niece would loose the house. I had to promise my Dad that I would not use anything that would jeopardize his last wishes concerning the house.
Is there any other end of life services that I can utilize that would have nothing to do with the Medicare recovery act?
Maybe you could cover something about this in your blog?

From the description of your father it looks like he has indeed entered the dying process.

I do not have enough information to specifically be of help in advising you about how or if the Medicare Recovery Act applies to your special circumstances. A social worker may be able to guide you to resources that can properly advise and serve you.

It is unfortunate when we have to use so much of our time and energy considering matters that involve money when we want nothing more than to be with our loved one and support them through their final experience.

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