Hydration vs. Dehydration

On the journey toward physical death, as the body stops eating food, it also stops drinking water. We all recognize the body’s need for hydration, for water, to live and as our loved one stops drinking water we tend to panic and think we should have IV fluids, water given through a needle and tubing in the arm, to keep the body at least comfortable if not nourished.

When a person has entered the dying process their body begins letting go of its hold on the physical, first letting go of food, then letting go of water. The entire physical body is shutting down. As it shuts down it stops functioning normally. The kidneys that process liquids are not performing their job so if you begin IV fluids often times the fluid stays trapped in the body cells and the lungs causing increased discomfort.

The body doesn’t want the nutrition or hydration, food or water. When a person has entered the dying process and they are not eating any food and not drinking sufficient fluid to keep them hydrated they are days to a week or so from death. From a medical standpoint, the calcium in their blood will begin to rise because of dehydration, not enough water in the body to operate efficiently. When the calcium gets high enough a person just goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up. If left to its own devices the body itself gives comfort in sleep. A sleep that allows us to leave this world and begin our new journey. This is the normal natural way to die.

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