Communication After Death

QUESTION: I have a few important matters to discuss and explain. How can I communicate with a dead loved one? I know Houdini tried to reach his mother and felt that he couldn't do it. I would make any sacrifice for just a few more hours together with a few, esp. Mom, to touch her, explain some things, tell some stories, to make things alright.

I think all of us who have had someone close to us die have words we would pay a lot of money to be able to say directly (maybe even more so when that death has been a sudden death). A do over opportunity to say what is now in our hearts. To wipe the slate clean of misunderstandings. Unfortunately we are not given that opportunity. Death brings a finality to relationships and only leaves us with “I wish I had”.

There is no perfect relationship. There is always positive and negative in every connection we have and the negatives seem to leave more unfinished business than the positive moments and aspects.

I find it interesting that with gradual death (a person dying from disease or old age) vs. sudden death most of us miss the gift of time we are given. A gradual death gives us the opportunity of addressing the issues of the relationship, both the positive and the negative. Yet most of us let that opportunity slip by, mouths shut on all that longs to be said.

I know there are psychics who claim to speak with the dead. It is questionable that some may indeed be able to do that BUT most who make that claim just plain can’t. Most are simply playing to the grief and unfinished business of those left behind.

My suggestion to you is to sit down alone in a quiet space to put all of your thoughts and concerns on paper. Write from your heart all that you want to say as if you were sitting across from this person you need to have closure with. Imagine them there with you, listening to your thoughts as you write. Speaking or thinking from your heart is not concrete enough in this exercise. Taking pen in hand and expressing all that you want this person to know channels thoughts into form.

None but you and your departed will ever see this letter so put it all out there. All the positive and negative aspects that you need to address. Let the thoughts and tears flow as they will.

When the letter is written, reread, make changes or adjustments, reread again, seal it in an envelope, then bless it with love and relief. Now burn it. As you watch the flames, see and feel all the emotions you have carried being released to the universe, probably not gone but eased so that you can begin the new journey ahead of you. The journey of learning how to live in this world without this person physically in it with you. With this release let how well you go on living be the testament to the life gone.

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