Advance Directive

When do we talk about end of life issues with others?
Right now, while we are healthy and our thoughts are not clouded with fear.
Right now, we can make decisions of how we want to live until we are dead.
If we wait and do not talk about and write out our intentions, when that information is needed, someone else will be making the decisions of how our life will unfold.
Family, significant others, doctors, medical staff will all be making decisions based on their own agendas. The result of their decisions may not be how we intended to live our final days.

Today, while we are well, we can set the stage for how our final days will unfold. Remember if we don’t make our wishes known now the chances of our being physically able to make them, when they need to be made, are very slim. Someone else will be speaking for us.

Google Advance Directive for numerous web sites that offer information and forms to download. Explain your choices and the forms to your family, have discussions, share feelings and let them know where you are keeping the form. Give a copy to your physician, tell him or her your thoughts and wishes.
You have taken charge of your future.

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