"Gone From My Sight" With American Hospice Pioneer, Barbara Karnes, RN

Barbara Karnes is truly the American Hospice Pioneer. As a nurse, she noticed after her experiences at the bedside of hundreds of people before they died, that each death she witnessed was following an almost identical script. Each person was going through the same process. And most families had the same questions. It was after these realizations that Barbara sat down and wrote the Little Blue Book that changed an industry. Now, I finally get to meet the woman who wrote the little book that helped so many of my families on their grief journeys. Having that little book with me brought me great comfort just to know I had something that might help their sadness. In this interview not only will we be speaking of her books, but her own journey, 40 years and counting. Barbara is a true gift to hospice, my hero and mentor. When one is at the bedside with a family that is not ready to let their loved one be gone from their site her books are a Godsend. Join us! 

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