The Sim Cafe` Interview with Barbara Karnes

Welcome to another episode of the Sim Cafe. Today we are truly blessed to have Barbara Karnes. She's an internationally recognized author, speaker, and thought leader as well as expert on end of life care and dynamics of dying. Barbara was recognized in 2018 as a hospice innovator by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and was named the 2015 International Humanitarian Woman of the Year by the World Humanitarian Awards. Barbara's experience is a hospice care provider at the bedside of hundreds of people and is an administrator overseeing the care of thousands. And Barbara, I am truly feel blessed to have you here today.

Questions addressed in this episode:

There's a certain amount of stigmatism that goes along with just bringing up the topic of hospice and palliative care. Have you seen this change?

Can you share with me a little bit more about the doula role and where you can learn more about it and find out if you have any in your area? Or did nurses go into that visit specialty?

Do you have a favorite or most impactful story that you'd like to share with our listeners on end of life?

Why don't you talk to me a little bit about when our pets die?

What are your thoughts about the future of hospice? What do you think about my work with end of life simulation and helping learners be feel more prepared?

Listen here:  

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