Grief At The End of Life With Author and Specialist, Barbara Karnes, RN

"In our death ignoring society, COVID has put death right in front of our faces.  In modern time we haven't had to face this avalanche of dying..." Barbara Karnes, RN

Barbara speaks with Revs. Bill Englehart and Richard Carlini to discuss the crucial subjects of grief and loss, which touch each of us during the human experience and rarely receive the attention they deserve. They invite you on a journey to discover strategies to cope with grief, learn from it, and integrate it into your wholeness.

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Felicia G

Thank you for this soundcloud recording. My dad is home with me on hospice with stage 4 lung cancer, receiving comfort care. He just decided to put DNR on record and his advance directive. I respect his wishes and appreciate support and education from you and my cancer support group for caregivers.

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