Dynamics of Dying: The Dying Experience DVD

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Dynamics of Dying is a DVD for understanding the normal dying process.

Dynamics of Dying is an edited set of two DVDs filmed from a three hour workshop given to health care professionals and Hospice volunteers.

In Disk I, one hour and 29 minutes, Barbara addresses our lack of accurate stereotypes and role models when it comes to dying hence the fear most of us bring to the experience. She explains the types of dying and how they differ from each other. Then explains the normal process of dying with the signs of approaching death that begin months before death from disease or old age and takes those signs right up to the moment of death.  She explains in detail the stages of approaching death, the stages of dying.

Where Disk I explains the dying process and our reactions to it; Disk II, one hour and eight minutes, offers knowledge and tools for working with end-of-life issues with patients and families, the “How To’s” of end of life care. It gives ideas for providing support and guidance during the hours to minutes before and immediately following the death.

Intended audience: hospice and palliative care professionals (RN, LPN, SW, CNA, chaplains), hospice volunteers, nursing home personnel, parish nurses, clergy and lay ministers.
Intended use: orientation for hospice and palliative care employees; hospice volunteer training; nursing home and hospital in-service; community-education presentations.

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