End of Life Educator Offers Workshops and Speaking Engagements 

In our society today talking about death and dying has been a neglected topic, ignored (if I talk about death and dying it may happen). Then someone close to us is diagnosed with a life threatening illness and because of all our past avoidance  we are completely unprepared to deal with one of the most important experiences of our lives--the approaching death of ourselves or of someone close to us.

Barbara travels the world speaking about end of life care and support. Her talks are designed to explore personal beliefs concerning death and to neutralize the fears that most of us have of dying or losing a loved one. She shares with her audience the normal process of dying through disease, old age and the signs of approaching death.  She introduces new perspectives on the subject of end of life, dying and death. These workshops are conducted in lay terms and are equally appropriate for professional and non-professionals alike.
Barbara is an award winning end of life educator, award winning nurse, and creator of award winning end of life educational materials --including her DVD New Rules for End of Life Care, in which her speaking is prominently featured.  She is respected nationally as educator, speaker, author, counselor and thought leader on matters of living with a life threatening illness, understanding the dying process and grieving. Her audience feedback is consistently and overwhelmingly positive.

Since 1994, Barbara has been speaking about end of life issues and the dynamics of dying at national and state hospice and palliative care organization conferences, state associations, colleges, nursing schools, hospitals and hospices.  

Barbara is the expert who hospice and other healthcare professionals count on to teach them how to explain the dying process to families, to teach them how talking about death does not have to be avoided. While we can’t take away the sadness of death, Barbara clarifies that talking about death actually relieves unnecessary pain and stress providing in many ways relief, because knowledge reduces fear.