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The “End of Life Guideline Series” is a compilation of Barbara Karnes’ four books on the end of life. This series, dealing with death, is available in hard copy or ebook versions. When you or someone you know has been told by a physician that they have a disease that may not be treatable, life changes instantly. At such a time people enter a phase of life for which they often have no preparation. No one tells us how to live with a life-threatening illness, what to expect when someone is dying, what to do to help, how to address our fear of death and dying and how to grieve.

The Series begins with the guidance “A Time To Live” offers to a person who has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness. The “End of Life Guideline Series” progresses to “Gone From My Sight” (the ‘Little Blue Book’) which explains the stages of death, the dying process and the signs of approaching death that begin months before death from disease and guides the reader to the moment of death.
 The Eleventh Hour” offers information, ideas and support for a caregiver or family member, people who are often alone as their loved one is dying, to care for a dying person in the hours to minutes before death and just after. 
The final section of this compilation, "My Friend, I Care," is an exploration of the normal grieving process; guidance on living with the loss of a loved one. 

The goal of this series is to neutralize some of the fear that an unpredictable future may bring.  Knowledge of the dying process and its natural and normal unfolding can help create a meaningful and comforting experience as a loved one journeys from life. It is written in a simple, gentle voice. It is a short and valuable read. 
Following a death, we often have questions about the disease progression and concerned memories. The “End of Life Guideline Series” prepares its readers for the natural, normal process of dying and grief. You can find comfort in these books on end of life even years after the death of a loved one.

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