Spirit and the Body

Comment: “My son has died!” You have been with people when they die. Your book, The Final Act of Living, talks about body and spirit. How do you know?

I can't think of any loss greater than the loss of your own child. Parents are supposed to die first. Our children are the legacy we parents leave behind.

Because it was your son’s death, your grief will be harder, more intense. You will have questions that have no answers. There is really nothing anyone can say or do to make you feel better. Only time will ease, but not eliminate, this awful pain.
All that said I wonder if you have my booklet, "My Friend, I Care: The Grief Experience?" It will help you at least understand some of the feelings you are having. Transitory peace can come in time but you need a lot of time.

Now, how do I know about the "spirit" leaving the body? Yes, I have been with many, many people when they are dying but that isn't what taught me about a spirit. My death bedside experiences just confirmed what I believed when I started doing this work.

I believe that we humans are more than just a physical body. I think of the body like a car, a vehicle we use. There is a driver to our body, the driver I call the spirit. Physical death is just the driver (spirit) getting out of the car (body). I also believe that the driver lives on but in a different dimension. So the life of the driver doesn't end it just changes. We here in physical life suffer a great loss when someone we love dies but the person who dies just moves on to other work.

I know this may sound a little much and I usually don't share my personal beliefs but I just felt maybe you could find some meaning in my words.

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