The Tree of Life: Children's Coloring Booklet and Family Tree


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The Tree of Life: Children's Coloring Booklet and Family Tree


Through metaphor “The Tree of Life” helps us talk about the signs of approaching death (stages of death) with children. Whether you are a hospice caregiver, grieving grandparent, parent, sibling or teacher who needs to explain to children about the loss of a loved one this coloring booklet provides a gentle means to reach understanding through a story, pictures and the art of using color. This booklet can also assist us explaining bereavement to a child who is preparing to say good-bye to life themselves or a child dealing with the sudden or unexpected death of a loved one.

 “The Tree of Life” is an illustrated poem about the cycle of life through the perspective of nature. The analogy begins with one leif  on a tree, expanding to include the whole world.  Journeying through the seasons we understand our temporary experience of life yet our lasting connection with each other. The booklet includes a very broad family tree for children to further personalize their unique and precious relationships by name.  Family, friends, teachers, pets, all who comfort the child can be included with them on their family tree of life.
Poems and art often take us to places the rational mind can’t go. Poems which touch upon the concept of death and the grieving process can help grieving children begin to neutralize some of the fear and cultural misconceptions most of us have concerning dying and death. This poem also emphasizes life and connection, assuaging the burden of loss. Engaging with a young person through this coloring activity we can simply and compassionately begin our conversation about hospice, stages of grief, or bereavement.
The child in all of us can relate to these images as we are looking for meaning and comfort in the stages of grief.  “The Tree of Life” is simple yet profound and consoling. No matter the age of the reader, “TheTree of Life” can bring understanding and reassurance to us when we have experienced the sudden loss of a loved one or a loved one is on hospice and journeying into the stages of death.

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