New Rules for End of Life Care DVD Kit is a Guide on the Stages of Death


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New Rules for End of Life Care DVD Kit is a Guide on the Stages of Death


Caring for someone as they approach the end of their life is not the same as caring for someone who is going to get better. Unfortunately, most people don't know this.

Barbara Karnes, RN created the multi award winning "New Rules For End of Life Care" an educational kit that teaches people how to care for their loved one during the end of their life.

New Rules for End of Life Care

Whether the patient is at home, in a nursing home or hospital this kit will give you the valuable information you need to understand the dying process. Package includes 25 Minute DVD supplement and two Booklet supplements.

DVD: ( 25 minutes) New Rules For End of Life Care
: Information on end of life care that addresses not only the behavior changes as they pertain to food, sleep and withdrawal but pain management and the use of narcotics, addiction and overdosing.

Blue Booklet: "Gone From My Sight
"- Detailed information on what you should expect to see in the months, weeks, days and hours approaching death from old age or disease. Offers a short, simple, non medical description of the stages of death, signs of approaching death, the stages of death.

Pink Booklet: "The Eleventh Hour"- A caring guideline for the hours to minutes before death.

Knowledge reduces the fear of death and helps with grieving. New Rules For End of Life Care is an educational kit to be read and viewed at the patient’s home, in a nursing facility, hospice/palliative care unit or hospital.

AWARDS: 2015 International Humanitarian Gold Award in the WORLD HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, 2015 TELLY AWARD WINNER for Heath and Wellness and 2015 COMMUNICATOR AWARD WINNER, Gold Award of Excellence: Film/Video on Social Issues. 2015 Gold Award in Consumer Education Programs from THE NATIONAL MATURE MEDIA AWARDS and a Merit for Books/ Publications from THE NATIONAL MATURE MEDIA AWARDS as well as a 2015 Gold Award in Total Health Information Programs from the NATIONAL HEALTH INFORMATION AWARDS. 2015 CONTENT MARKETING AWARDS finalist. A 2015 DAVEY AWARD, Silver in Film/Video - Health & Wellness.

FILM FESTIVALS: The film has also garnered a 2015 International Award of Merit from the INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL FOR ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH AND CULTURE (IFFEHC). It's an official selection in the GLOBAL HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL 2015 in London. As well as an official selection for FILM FEST 52 in Connecticut, THE AWARENESS FESTIVAL 2015 in Los Angeles, the GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH FILM FESTIVAL 2015 in Chicago and is being screened at the WORLD HUMANITARIAN AWARDS in Jakarta.

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Janet Miller, Vancouver, WA
A WISE AND INFORMATIVE LOOK AT THE DYING PROCESS, October 12, 2014 Barbara Karnes has demystified the dying process in this very helpful DVD, New Rules for End of Life Care, and in doing so, she leaves one with a sense of calm in the face of what most of us regard as a terrifying and unknown state. Her soothing demeanor helps us to understand and believe that we can, indeed, provide a caring and peaceful end of life experience for those who are in need. Also included with this DVD are the invaluable Gone From My Sight and The Eleventh Hour guidebooks. All of these materials are user friendly, and so easy to understand. The Henry Van Dyke story has always been a favorite, and it brings me peace each time I read it. It's inclusion is appropriate and leaves one with a sense of love and hopefulness. I would highly recommend this powerful and compassionate DVD and the helpful accompanying materials.
Loretta Duitsmann, Titusville, Fl.
Barbara Karnes' video, New Rules for End of Life Care, is FACTUAL, INFORMATIVE AND COMPELLING!!! She presents in such a way that anyone can understand. I feel as if I'm sitting in the room having a one-on-one conversation with Barbara. As a former hospice nurse, I know how important it is for caregivers to be given this information and Barbara has done just that!! Loretta Duitsmann RN