The Eleventh Hour: A Caring Guideline for the Hours to Minutes Before Death


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The Eleventh Hour: A Caring Guideline for the Hours to Minutes Before Death



“The Eleventh Hour” is a booklet that offers information, ideas and support for caregivers in the hours to minutes before death and just after. Having this information inspires and empowers the caregiver while reducing fear.
The hours to minutes before imminent death are generally filled with fear and helplessness for anyone at the bedside. Most of us have no realistic experience in this realm. Our tendencies are to want to “fix” things, even when the time for fixing has past.
The goal of this booklet is to help those present at the bedside create a meaningful, comforting experience for their loved one’s journey from life in this world. That experience will be the caregiver’s sacred memory forever.
Written for the hands-on-caregiver, family or professional, “The Eleventh Hour” is a guiding resource, a support for caregivers. It is appropriate as a textbook for volunteer training in Transitional, Vigil and No One Dies Alone programs, for hospitals, for nursing facilities, parish nursing and Hospice and Palliative Care agencies. Most of all, it is for families faced with caring for their loved one in the weeks, days and hours of approaching death.
Combined with the booklet “Gone From My Sight” a caregiver will have knowledge of the signs of approaching death and ideas for what to do, say and how to interact with the person who is approaching death. Together these two booklets reduce the fear of death and dying that most of us have when we are involved with end of life.
Like its companions, “Gone From My Sight,” “My Friend, I Care,” and “A Time To Live,” “The Eleventh Hour” is written in large print and the information is conveyed in a simple, direct yet gentle manner.

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Kathy Morgan Ridgefield, WA
Hello again-- I lost my best friend and husband, Chuck Morgan, . . . to cancer. We had hospice from Sat. 'til Tues. night when he died peacefully. Your book was so helpful. My sister stayed with me to help and we read it OVER AND OVER to prepare ourselves. His breathing became different towards that last hour—I had the Hospice bed in the living room, fireplace on 24 hours a day and TV [football : )] down low or music—candles burning above mantle. Very cozy and beautiful. He finally lifted his legs—knees up, and started moving around so I ran back to the bedroom and got the cross and rosary from his first wife's casket and a rosary from Majagari that was draped by his bed and put all 3 on his little chest and told him I loved him and it was OK to go to the other side and if you see a light –go—there are loved ones awaiting your arrival. His mom and dad—His wife--[our dogs? : )] my husband John and lots of friends—It was minutes and he took his last breath and then the ones that follow—A smile within 2 hours time! What a wonderful book to walk us thru it-- Much THANKS--
Jerry J. Presses, Chaplain
I loved "The Eleventh Hour." It fits right into the reading material our families appreciate. We give the blue book, "Gone From My Sight," when the patient and family first come into hospice. Now we have "The Eleventh Hour" to offer as the patient's journey draws closer to the end. The families refer to the blue book ("Gone From My Sight") as gospel. Your books have made the difference in the lives of so many hospice families.